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Arctic Safety Conference in Longyearbyen 13-15 May 2019

In May I had the possibility to go back to Longyerbyen, Svalbard, to present my work at the Arctic Safety Conference which took place at UNIS from 13 - 15 May. The work is part of my PhD and INTAROS Workpackage 4 on community-based observing programmes for participatory research and capacity-building. The topic of my presentation was:Knowledge based planning, development and monitoring in the Arctic. Linking top-down with bottom-up approaches.

UNIS, Longyerbyen

Left: Ann Christin Auestad, Project Manager at Arctic Safety Center, and right: Harald Ellingsen, Managing Director at UNIS, opening the Arctic Safety Conference in Longyearbyen.

Pictures from the conference.

Safety and risks involve people and local communities, especially in areas that are inhabited. This is also true for the Arctic region, where both indigenous people, and other settlements and communities are challenged by climate change and increased risks due to more frequent extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. …